The Fraternity Friendship Study team

The FFS team consists of three principal researchers, a number of associated researchers and assistants.



Prof. Anna Rotkirch

Principal Investigator, Vaestoliitto Population Research Centre, Helsinki.


Dr. Tamas David-Barrett

Researcher, Department of Experimental Psychology and Trinity College, University of Oxford.

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Dr. Max van Duijn

Researcher, Leiden Institute for Advanced Computer Science and Faculty of Humanities, Leiden University.


Associate researchers

Dr. Markus Jokela

Prof. Robin Dunbar

Associate Researcher, Institute of Behavioural Sciences, University of Helsinki

Associate Researcher, Department of Experimental Psychology and Magdalen College, University of Oxford.

support team

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Rex van der Plas

ambassador and researchers-assistant. 

Iris van Gorp

ambassador and researchers-assistant. 

Heleen van der Heijden

ambassador and researchers-assistant.